Health & Safety

     Our company considers that the Health and Safety of employees during the exercise of their duties in their workplace, is a primary duty of the company and employees.

In the exercise of its activities, our company strictly applies the legal and other requirements that concern it, regarding the health and safety of employees in the workplace as well as the transfer of clothing to be delivered.

  • To achieve this goal, it is committed to:
      1. the provision of any means required for the assessment of occupational risks arising during the implementation of clothing decontamination works, its receipt and delivery.
      2. the continuous improvement in the management and performance in the Health and Safety of the Employees, by preparation, implementation and revision of Action Plans for the achievement of specific goals and objectives for the Health and Safety at Work
      3. taking the necessary means of protection and prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases.
      4. continuous and effective training of employees.
  • Identification of hazards, risk assessment and control are constantly evaluated with the help of science and technology.
  • The documented Procedures of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System are communicated and are fully understood by all the human resources of the company, are applied and observed at all levels of the organizational structure and at all stages of the production process.
  • The organization establishes, implements, controls and keeps updated the processes for the elimination of the risks and the reduction of the HSE risks.
  • The organization has identified other stakeholders related to MSHSE, in addition to employees. It has defined the relevant needs and expectations of employees and other stakeholders. It has determined for which of these needs and expectations its compliance is or may become mandatory.
  • Policy for health and safety at work is communicated to each employee, is available to any interested party and is reviewed during the review of the system by the Management.